Monthly Archives: May 2017


IMG_3547From 2015 through the end of 2016, I lost myself. I lost connections, friendships, and my Dad. I lost babies, and in that process I almost lost my wife.

So, I grew angry. And this anger permeated into every aspect of my life. It corroded my relationship with my wife and my children. I tried to ignore the way my children had began to look at me, with pity and even a little fear, not knowing if I was going to yell at them or storm off into some oasis of rage fueled seclusion.

Then, my daughter began experimenting with the idea of dating a boy. She was a highschool sophomore and he was a senior. They both are Christians, although different denominations. This denominational difference drew me in. I may have been an angry man. But my love for my daughter and my natural desire to protect her was more than I could resist. So, I dove into studying his faith, and how it might effect my daughter.

Since then, I have slowly began the process of coming back to God. To cautiously approaching His throne once again, knowing that I am not worthy of His grace or forgiveness.

But, I am coming out of fear and regret and into thanksgiving and boldness. Here I am, as critical as ever before. But, trying to be what He desires of me.

His ways are not my ways. And I am very happy about that!

Forgotten God, by Francis Chan, is acting as the icing on my Rediscovery Cake. I am back, and I am His.